Enerdrink Evolution and C.D. Leganés: An Explosion of Energy in the 2023/24 Season! 💥⚽️🌟

News you won’t believe! 😱⚽️ The C.D. Leganés and Enerdrink Evolution have come together to make history together 🤝💥. Get ready to experience a 2023/24 season full of energy and excitement! 🌟🏟️

Enerdrink Evolution, the most international energy drink, will be the official brand of the club, and its presence will be felt in the press room of the stadium and the Butarque Sports Facility, as well as in all our digital assets! 🎉💻

Since 2012, Enerdrink Evolution has been manufacturing its drinks with passion in Spain, and is now sold in more than seventy-two countries 🌍🌎. There are about fifteen flavors that you can enjoy right now, and year after year they expand the range to surprise you even more! Are you ready to try them all? 😋🍹

The excitement of the brand is contagious, and they are eager for all the pepineros and pepineros to try their product and join this revolution of energy and flavor 💪🥤.

Manuel Benítez, the commercial director of Enerdrink Evolution, could not be happier with this alliance. It is an honor to be associated with such an important club as C.D. Leganés, sharing values ​​and ambitions! 💫⚡️

For his part, Martín Ortega, the club’s general manager, highlights the importance of joining forces with growing and ambitious brands, it’s just what the Lega is looking for! 🤝✨ They trust that this alliance will be the beginning of a lasting and successful relationship for both of them 💚🤩.

Get ready to live an epic season together with Enerdrink Evolution and C.D. Leganes! 💚⚽️🥤

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