Smash Summer with ENERDRINK COCO! 💥 More than 1 Million Cans Flew in Record Time 🚀🤯

ENERDRINK EVOLUTION sells more than one million cans of its new COCO flavour in less than a week 🤯🥥✨.

At Enerdrink, we were convinced that this new flavour was going to be a “big hit”, but we have fallen very, very short… 😎🫶😎🫶😎🫶😎🫶.

Since its first production and market launch, which has taken place this past Monday August 7th (4 days ago), we have already sold more than one million cans, in just 4 days, CRAZY! 😍✨

We have spent several months developing this flavour. We knew that there were already other brands on the market marketing coconut flavour, and we knew that we had to come up with something much better than what already existed, or we would be just one more among many, and you know that we DON’T LIKE TO BE ONE MORE, we are innovative, original and we always want to be among the best of the best 😘👌.

We have tasted and retasted many different recipes, we have made numerous changes, but so much trial and error has given us its reward, so once again THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH! ❤️❤️❤️

You know that we have come, not to stay, but to ROCK, and little by little and step by step we are achieving it 🏆🥇.

So you know, try the new flavour ENERDRINK EVOLUTION COCO, because without a doubt, once again, YOU’RE GOING TO CRACK! 😎

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