The new flavour that’s driving everyone crazy: CRAZY COCONUT! 🥥🤪

The wait is over! Our incredible and long awaited new flavour, CRAZY COCONUT, has arrived! 🌴⚡️ From this week onwards, you will be able to find it in your usual point of sale. Are you ready for an experience that will make you FLIP? 💥🤪

⚡️ Enerdrink ⚡️ has always been the benchmark in energy drinks, and now, with CRAZY COCONUT, it’s no secret that we will make a difference. 🔥🥥 Our unique and refreshing formula will take you to an unparalleled level of energy.

Join the Enerdrink tribe and be part of a #masasalvaja community that lives life with passion and rebellion. 😎🤘 Enjoy a summer full of energy and good vibes with your friends. 💫🌞 CRAZY COCONUT is the drink of the season that you can’t miss!

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